Who is Julie Green?

Julie Green, Prophetess

Julie Green started preaching in 2010 and has been an associate pastor at Faith Family Fellowship since 2013, where her father is the Head Pastor. She has been married to her husband for 21 years, and they have three sons.

Who is Julie Green?

Julie Green is an associate pastor at Faith Family Fellowship, where her father, Jerry Reynolds, is the Head Pastor. Faith Family Fellowship is based in the Quad Cities in Iowa.

Julie Green first posted a prophecy on her website for Julie Green Ministries on December 2nd, 2021.

Early Life & Family

Julie Reynolds was born in 1979 to Gerald and Diane Reynolds. She has at least one sibling, Dennis Reynolds. Jerry and Diane seem to now live in Oklahoma.

Julie Marie Reynolds and Christopher Green married on Octover 28th, 2000. At the time that they were engaged, Julie worked at the Fairyland Park Ballroom and Chris worked at Lujack’s North Park Auto Plaza.

Faith Family Fellowship

Faith Family Fellowship Facebook Page

Faith Family Fellowship on Youtube

The Faith Family Fellowship, where Julie Green serves as an associate pastor has not posted anything publicly on Facebook since July of 2021. They also do not seem to have an active website, but they do still stream their services on Youtube. Their Youtube channel has over ten thousand subscribers, and was started in May of 2021. The current Facebook page for FFF QC was also started in only April of 2021.

Faith Family Fellowship, Inc is a non-profit registered in Iowa. It was originally incorporated in 2013 by Gerald Lee Reynolds, Therese Kelly, Margaret Seibert, Marty Seibert, and Chris Green. In 2015, Diane Reynolds was added as an Officer. The church has maintained these officers all the way through their latest non-profit report in 2021.

Julie herself does not currently have a Youtube channel but her prophecies are quickly uploaded by other accounts.

Followers of Julie Green

Julie Green’s public Facebook group has nearly 50 thousand members. Since this is a public group, you can see all the members and Facebook conveniently shows members that you might have mutual friends with or that live nearby. It’s frankly terrifying.

Julie Green Ministries

Julie Green Ministries is an active non-profit registered in Iowa. Their home office is listed as 3223 Adele Ln, Bettendorf, Iowa. JGM was registered on March 15th, 2021.

This address is also the registered home office of Green Enterprises, LLC which was registered in Iowa in 2006.

Friends of Julie Green

Julie Green collaborates with a wide variety of people.

hisglory.me – His Glory is a Christian Ministry founded by David Scarlett after a near death experience.

What is Surge365?

Scott Tomer Moved on from YTB Marketing

The leadership of Surge365 has over 85 years of experience! Unfortunately some of that experience involves lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Surge365 History

There’s something really impressive about someone who owned a now-failed MLM not being able to resist putting his face and name on the homepage of his latest venture. Scott Tomer, Founder of YTB Marketing, is one of the Co-Founders of Surge365.

In March 2012, YTB announced a plan to merge with LTS Nutraceutical, in the face of years of financial struggles. They had sold its headquarters, and in 2011 Sixth Scott LLC began purchasing YTB Travel Network from YTB International. The company was relaunched as First Alliance Travel.

By May 2012, the President and CEO Robert Van Patton had submitted his resignation. In September, the merger was off and Scott Tomer was resigning.

By March of 2013 YTB filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and was sold to Jamraval, Inc.

Surge365 has been around since at least 2015. Their vision in 2015 was to help 10,000 families become financially independent by 2020. When Surge365 started, the executive team consisted of Chris Cokley, James Tackett, Scott Tomer, and Lloyd Tomer. Lloyd is, according to Surge, “one of the greatest recruiters in the history of network marketing.”

In 2017, Surge365 launched Surge365 Global. The team now has two new additions, Oana and Razvan Petcu.

Compensation Plan

Surge365 claims to have “the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!” They call this business the opportunity of a lifetime and they aim to help you create passive income that exceeds your monthly lifestyle expenses. If that’s not an income claim, I don’t know what is.

2020 Income Disclosure Statement

The average in come for all SBAs in 2020 was $497.13. 70.35% of all SBAs earned no income in 2020. Directors, of which there were only 16 in 2020 earned an average of $40,452.

Surge365 Policies and Procedures

The Future is Here – Network Marketing with AI

Surge365 has an AI chatbot called Brain Tap that delivers the “mindset” and “experience” of their founders through an interactive text platform.

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Is Reliv a Pyramid Scheme?


That’s all. According to the FTC, Reliv Int’l Inc. qualifies as a product-based pyramid scheme based on their compensation plan. They are practicing unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Reliv Business Overview

Reliv is headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri which is where they develop and manufacture their own products. Reliv is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Reliv is a public traded company and has been in business since 1988 and operates in multiple countries.

You can make money five different ways with Reliv. These avenues are Retail Profits, Wholesale Profits, Overrides, Cash Bonuses & Trips, and an Ambassador Program.

Income Disclosure Breakdown

As of the end of 2021, Reliv has 15,130 active distributors. They had 2,247 Preferred Customers and 3,329 Retail Customers. There are nearly three times as many distributors of Reliv products as there are customers. Because the Distributors are the real customers.

The largest group of Distributors, Discount Buyers, make up 72.5% of Reliv’s total Distributors. These people can buy products at a discount and resell them to people at retail for a profit. They receive no payments from Reliv.

The next group, Earners, make up almost 17% of distributors. These distributors earn retail and wholesale income on sales to consumers and other distributors in their downline. This group made an average of $157 for the year of 2021. This does not reflect any expenses the Distributor had.

The smallest group of Distributors, Business Builders, had under 1600 people in 2021 and made up 10.6% of Distributors. These Distributors were paid on average only $5,808 in 2021.

.22% or 33 people earned a trip in the past year through Reliv. Around 2011 Distributors qualified for a monetary bonus.

The median payment to ALL Distributors was $0 in 2021. The average payment was $640 for 2021.

Distributor Compensation Plan

Retail Profit

When Distributors share Reliv products with people they know, they can make 10% – 40% Profit

Wholesale Profit

When you sponsor another Distributor in Reliv, you earn the difference between their retail profit level and yours. If you are at the Master Affiliate level and make 40% profit, and your sponsored Distributor is at the 25% level, you earn the 15% difference.

Your level depends on your volume, the more people you have under you buying or selling product ads to your volume so you move up the levels.


If you are a Master Affiliate and your sponsored Distributor becomes a Master Affiliate, you earn 8% on that Distributor’s group volume.

Cash Bonuses and Trips

Less than 2% of Reliv Distributors received free trips or Cash Bonuses.

Ambassador Program

Reliv’s Ambassador Program is invite-only and Ambassadors mentor aspiring business-builders and represent the company at special events. Learn more about their Director and Ambassador Programs because I cannot make head nor tales of how it works.

Compliance Document

This document outlines what you can and can’t say about Reliv products, in one-on-one conversation, in printed materials, on social media, or any other form of communication. In this document, Reliv actively discourages Distributors from creating their own marketing materials and any Distributor-created materials need to be approved by Reliv Compliance.

Distributors should avoid statements that claim that Distributors can become wealthy, retire early, become millionaires, or earn thousands of dollars a month. They should avoid terms like quit your job, fire your boss, or walk-away income.

SEC Reliv International Annual Report and Disclosure Statement

This is a fascinating document that provides an overwhelming wealth of information about Reliv.

Distributor Resources

Check out the Reliv Distributor Resource Center for all the info you could ever want to know on what resources are given to Reliv Distributors.

There’s an App for that

Reliv certainly seems like it’s taking the future seriously, they even have a mobile app for their backend so you can view your latest personal group activity, track recruit’s activity, access the latests training materials, and even shop for Reliv’s own merch.

The mobile app was developed by SolutionSmith LLC which also developed the backend app for Surge365, a MLM travel company, called Touch365 Mobile. The Owner of SolutionSmith LLC, Eric Smith, now currently owns NGAGE Mobile Apps. I would link to their website, but it is currently an expire Squarespace site. Before starting his own companies to develop tech for MLM companies, Smith worked as Chief Information Officer for Surge365 and YTB Marketing. YTB Marketing is another travel-related MLM that declared bankruptcy in 2013, after which is was purchased by Jamraval, Inc and became YTB Global Travel. Scott Tomer, founder of YTB is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Surge365.

What is ICSAR

Growing a Reliv business starts with ICSAR, Identify, Connect, Share, Ask, and Register. In the training book below, you learn to put Reliv’s five-step plan into action. They say you can “simply follow this guide and watch your business grow”


Name five people from different “centers of influence” groups such as your family, neighbors, hobby groups, past jobs, and sports activities.


Decide how many people per day you want to connect with. Start by entering on person into your online contact system. Go to one person at a time in a group until someone decides to get started. Then, this person will now magically join you to talk to other people in that group!


No story is too small!


Once you’ve shared Reliv with people, you need to ask people questions to determine a person’s interest.


This is it. This is my favorite part. In the Register section the following quote is said: “If they start as a Qualifying Master Affiliate, you can order the balance of product from Reliv.”

Qualifying Master Affiliates have a Personal or Group Volume of $2,500. They are genuinely suggesting that by using this guide you may recruit someone that is willing to drop $2,500 to join the opportunity.

Is Jordan Essentials an MLM?

Healthy Skin. Healthy Life

A deep dive into Jordan Essentials. Are they an MLM? Are they a scam? Are they just wholesome beans?

What is an MLM?

The term MLM, Multilevel Marketing, is a term that refers to a strategy used by some direct sales companies to sell products and services. MLMs encourage members to recruit new members to the business and are paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales.

MLMs are legal but the FTC sometimes investigates businesses using Multilevel Marketing to ensure that they are not operating as a pyramid scheme.

Jordan Essentials & Direct Selling Association

Jordan Essentials is a proud member of the DSA, Direct Selling Association and feature the DSA logo on their website. According to the DSA website, “The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association for companies that market products and services directly to consumers through an independent, entrepreneurial sales force. DSA serves to promote, protect and police the direct selling industry while helping direct selling companies and their independent salesforce become more successful.

DSA provides educational opportunities for direct selling professionals and works with Congress, government agencies, consumer protection organizations and others on behalf of its nearly 200 member companies.”

Is this a nice way to say lobbying? It sounds like lobbying. Shall we follow this rabbit hole?

They also provide a definition for the term “direct selling.” According to the DSA, Direct selling is a business model that offers “entrepreneurial opportunities” to individuals as independent contractors to market and/or sell products and services. These sales are typically through one-to-one selling, outside of a typical retail establishment. Compensation is based on sales and may be earned based on the sales of others in their “sales organizations.”

The Jordan Essentials Opportunity

Are you ready to become a Jordie? Jordan Essentials Consultants are people that have signed up to be distributors for Jordan Essentials. Their company structure is similar to most other MLMs, with distributors having goals in order to earn their commission and the ability to move up through the ranks as they recruit new Consultants.

From the JE Website: “As an Essential Consultant with Jordan Essentials, you have the opportunity to run your own business alongside whatever else is already a priority in your life. Unlike starting your own company, which typically requires a large investment of time and money, you can get started for a small investment you can make back right away. And you will have all of the tools and training you need to market a product line that is on-trend and in-demand.

As a consultant, you are an entrepreneur who can choose to market your business in a variety of ways; through in-home parties, social media events, fundraisers, vendor events, and personal one-on-one servicing. Since your business is your own, you will get out of it what you put into it. You’ll be recognized and rewarded just for sharing Jordan Essentials’ amazing products and opportunities.”

Jordan Essentials Starter Kits

To become a consultant, you must buy one of the JE New Consultant Kits, which cost a surprisingly reasonable $49 or $99. These kits include products and supplies to get started, like a comprehensive training program. The kit also includes a 3-month enrollment for the personal website subscription which is $8.75 a month for the rest of your time as a consultant.

Consultant Resources

Jordan Essentials boasts a lot of resources to help their consultants grow their businesses. They have a full library of products ingredients, educational videos, and, of course, a community of consultants, your upline, to share their own experience with you.

The Jordan Essentials Products

According to the JE Website, Jordan Essentials products are manufactured in Nixa, Missouri. They lean heavily into having American Made products.

Jordan Essentials has a list of “never-ever” ingredients that you will never find in Jordan Essentials products. This list includes Aluminum, Gluten, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

They heavily promote the use of Magnesium in their products. According to their Magnesium resource page, magnesium has been known to relieve muscle cramps, eye twitches, restless leg, sore muscles, nausea, fatigue, and anxiety. One of their products is the Magnesium Plus Sticks. I cannot find on their retail site how one is meant to use these sticks, but I presume they are similar to a roll-on where one applies to to strategic areas of the body.

You can “support your immune system” with a Magnesium Stick containing Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Orange, Rosemary and Frankincense essential oils or “Combat environmental toxins” with a Stick containing Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.

Jordan Essentials also sells Bath Salts containing Bath Salts “that brings together the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Salts and Magnesium.”

Dead Sea Salts as in the stuff people used to accost you with at the mall?

Dead Sea Salts actually play a big part in Jordan Essentials. When Jordan Essentials was founded, Owner Nancy Bogart chose the name Jordan Essentials because of the reference to the Jordan River that flows into the Dead Sea and “the faith it represents for us.”

The Joyful Jordan Box

This is truly a revolution in the MLM game, in my opinion. This box of goodies is shipped directly to customers and they don’t even have to pick what they’re ordering! Zero effort, all commission. Once you sell a customer on one of these boxes, you earn a passive income from their monthly boxes.

If you sign up for a monthly box, shipping is free and for $29 a month, you receive products valuing at least $40. For example the August Joyful Jordan Box costs $29 and comes with the Tone & Firm Body Lotion, Uplift Magnesium Stick, and Raspberry Lemonade Lip Butter.

Jordan Essentials Business Background

Jordan Essentials’ Headquarters and Manufacturing facility is located at 1520 N Commercial Rd. in Nixa, Missouri. Owner Nancy Bogart began making lotion bars under the name Country Bunny Bath & Body. Both Country Bunny Bath & Body and Jordan Essentials are expired Fictitious Names registered in Missouri owned by Barnz B. Inc.

Barnz B. Inc was first incorporated on January 19th, 2000. The next day, Country Bunny Bath & Body was registered as a fictitious name so that Nancy could sell her homemade products at craft shows. Jordan Essentials wouldn’t be registered until 2007 and as of April 13th 2022 has expired.

Barnz B. Inc is owned by Ron and Nancy Bogart. The couple also registered a business in 2004 called HOP, Inc that was dissolved in 2012 for failure to file a registration report. According to some old business listings online, it seems that HOP, Inc was involved in manufacturing and was located in the same building as Jordan Essentials at the time. I assume that HOP, Inc was the manufacturing side of the Jordan Essentials business. The name HOP, Inc makes a lot more sense when you realize that Country Bunny Bath & Body operated for many years as a Direct Selling company before Jordan Essentials began.

Barnz B. Inc is truly a family affair, with the name representing the first initials of the members of Ron and Nancy’s family.

Jordan Essentials University

To be honest, I am so happy that jeuniversity.com, the Jordan Essentials Resource Library, is available for public browsing.

Compensation Plan – September 2021

Does this Sound Familiar?

The amount of pre-written content on jeuniversity is pretty overwhelming. Check out these “booking lines” to use during a Jordan Party to book even more parties. According to their document, bookings are another “product” that they offer. If you don’t “sell” the product, no one will buy it – including bookings. It really shows how formulaic this business strategy is.

You can also read the entire Virtual Jordan Party Guide, a literal step-by-step guide to hosting a Jordan Party online. It suggests that “Emojis are a great way to draw attention and make your posts more fun.”

According to JEUniversity, “parties are the heart of our business!” Below, I’ve attached JE’s Party Training Manual, just in case anyone is curious about how the ByDesign back office software works.

Jordan Essentials University Documents

2021 Compensation Plan Terms from jeuniversity.com
2021 Compensation Plan from jeuniversity.com
Consultant Application 2022 from jeuniversity.com
Rank Advancement Flyer from jeuniversity.com
Jump Start Rewards Program Flyer 2022 from jeuniversity.com
Jordan Essentials Policies and Procedures from jeuniversity.com
Website Basic Vs Pro from jeuniversity.com
Leadership Handbook (Success Coaches) from jeuniversity.com
10 Balanced Hours Weekly from jeuniversity.com
Sponsoring Checklist (Summit 2022) from jeuniversity.com
Recognition and Engagement Schedule from jeuniversity.com
June Team Meeting from jeuniversity.com
Sun-Sational Summer Business Opportunities from jeuniversity.com
August Leader Calendar from jeuniversity.com

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