Bryan Kohberger arrested in PA in connection with Moscow, Idaho Quadruple Homicide

A person named Bryan Kohberger was working replaced as a school security officer at Pleasant Valley School District in August 2021. (source)

This school district is in the same county where Bryan Kohlberger is being held. According to arrest paperwork filed by the Pennsylvania State Police in Monroe County Court, Kohberger, 28, was being held for extradition in a criminal homicide investigation in the killings of four University of Idaho students, based on an active arrest warrant for first degree murder issued by the Moscow Police Department and Latah County Prosecutor’s Office.

In 2018, Kohberger assisted a fellow Pleasant Valley security guard in a harrowing incident involving a co-worker that required medical attention. Kohberger fetched the school’s AED while the other security guard performed CPR. (source)

MaryAnn Kohlberger also worked at the Pleasant Valley School while Bryan Kohlberger was employed there. Earlier this year, writing by MaryAnn was published in the Pocono Record regarding the devastating Uvalde school shooting. Accompanying this note is a poem by Mel Kohberger, MaryAnn’s daughter and a therapist in New Jersey. (source)

A person named Bryan Kohberger reportedly graduated from Northampton Community College with an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts. This person was a member of Psi Beta. This is a national honor society for students attending two-year colleges with an interest in psychology.

A person named Bryan Krohberger graduated with a Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. (Source)

Bryan Kohberger was on the DeSales University Undergraduate Dean’s List in 2019 and 2020.

This person was active as recently as July 9th, 2022, recruiting participants for a study being conducted at DeSales university with people that had been incarcerated. The study, hosted by qualtrics, is no longer available.

image reportedly of some of the questions from the study

This person used the username “Criminology_Student” on reddit. The account has been suspended.

It is reported that someone with the same name is a current Phd student at Washington State University. Unfortunately the graduate student list is currently not accessible.

The wayback machine has an archive from earlier today that lists a person named Bryan Kohberger.

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Dr. Greg Mutsch

Former Pastor at Bible Baptist Church

Dr. Greg Mutsch was previously the executive director of business administration for Accelerated Christian Education, the powerhouse that has created a Christian curriculum for schools around the world.

Bible Baptist Church

Based in Hendersonville, TN, Bible Baptist Church was lead by Dr. Greg Mutsch from 2015 to 2022. He left in August for a new position at Pensacola Christian College, and it seems that Bible Baptist Church has not found a new Pastor at this time. 1

“Bringing Up Bates” couple Bobby and Tori (Bates) Smith previously worked at Bible Baptist Church with Bobby serving as the Student Ministries Pastor. 2[/mn]

Pensacola Christian College

Dr. Greg Mutsch has recently joined Pensacola Christian College as Vice President for Institutional Advancement. According to an article by Sharper Iron, Mutsch was previously involved with the college and was thought to be in line for the presidency. 2

According to a 2019 Facebook post by Pensacola Christian College, Dr. Mutsch was an administrator at PCC from 1990 to 2002.

Early Life

Dr. Greg Mutsch graduated from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. Greg and Luann married on June 4th, 1977. 3 The couple traveled for a time performing as the “King’s Four” touring across much of the eastern half of the country along with Leanne Hollowell and Todd Scovill. 4

Pillsbury Baptist Bible College was an Independent fundamentalist Baptist college in Minnesota that closed in 2008. After his graduation, Mutsch worked at Pillsbury Baptist and received his Doctorate in Education Administration at Bob Jones University. He also served as senior pastor of Beth Eden Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado. 5

Hyles-Anderson and Jack Hyles

In unconfirmed rumors around the internet, it seems that Jack Hyles, founder of Hyles-Anderson College did not like Pensacola Christian College and particularly had a feud with Peter Ruckman and Greg Mutsch.

Jack Schaap, Jack Hyles’s son-in-law, reportedly tried to make peace with PCC and offered Mutsch a position at Hyles-Anderson College, but Mutsch turned him down.

Schaap would later be sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping an underage girl that he was counseling and transporting him across state lines to do so. He was released in May 2022.

Brotherhood Insurance

Protecting Christian Ministries

Brotherhood Mutual provides innovative insurance coverage and risk management resources specifically designed for ministries.

Brotherhood Mutual insures churches and other ministries. It is an incredibly large organization with a huge list of C-level executives and directors.

They provide a massive library of resources for a variety of industries including schools, churches, camps, and more. In their child abuse prevention section, there are articles on child transportation, screening guidelines, preventing child sexual abuse, and even a document on how organizations should respond if a sex offender participates in their ministry.

It has been alleged by previous students at Agape Boarding School that Brotherhood Mutual currently insures Agape Boarding School.

On a fun note, Brotherhood Mutual also offers kidnapping and ransom coverage for missionaries. I understand that this is a very real concern for those serving abroad, just not something I had thought about.

Grace Boys Ranch

Located in Pacific, MO, Grace Boys Ranch is a residential school program that has been operating since 1995. They originally started in Colorado, but in 2000 they moved to the Saint Louis metro area and have been located in numerous homes in the area.

I have been unable to find an active registered business for this school. There is an expired Nonprofit, an expired fictitious name, and two expired Nonprofits under the name Grace Ranch Ministries.

They advertise themselves as a residential school that helps boys 6 to 16 years old with behavior problems, including ADD, ODD, RAD, and ADHD.

Grace Boys Ranch was founded by Father Richard Rix, after operating a counseling center in Wheatridge, Colorado. They operated “shepherding houses” in the Denver area before buying a ranch property in Wiggins, Colorado.

In 2003, they were located in Florissant, but had plans to open a new ranch facility in the Springfield, MO area.

The school is currently located at 10421 Apke Lane, Catawissa, MO.

In 2018, a home at this location burned down. Two adults and 8 boys were inside the home when the fire broke out, but none were hurt.

It now appears that this location may have been sold.

Missouri License Exempt Residential Care Facilities

These are facilities that have notified the DSS of their presence in Missouri. Each of these facilities must have anyone who has access to children complete a background check and register with the Family Care Safety Registry.

Whetstone Boys Ranch – 6850 CR 2660, Mountain View, MO 65548

Agape Boarding School – 12998 E 1400 Rd. Stockton, MO 65785

Ozarks Teen Challenge – 512 Purist Lane, Branson West, MO 65737

Teen Challenge- Kansas City Academy – 5506 Cambridge Ave, Kansas City, MO 64129

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch – 601 N. Center St., Shelbina, MO 63468

Show-Me Christian Youth Home (SMC) – 24302 Mahin Rd, LaMonte, MO 65337

SMC – Knob Noster Unit 186 NE Hwy 23, Knob Noster, MO 65336

SMC-Hubble Home Galt Unit 970 NE 10th St, Galt, MO 64641

SMC-Drysdale Campus 19314 Jones Creek Rd, Barnett, MO 65011

SMC-Mayview New Life Unit 13279 Heth Mound Rd, Mayview, MO 64071

Future Men 3278 Deer Ln., Kirbyville, MO 65679

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy-Girls Ranch 9303 US 142 Thayer, Mo 65791

Master’s Ranch-Jr. High School Boys 287 County Road 275 Myrtle, MO 65778

Master’s Ranch-High School Boys 1669 HWY KK, Couch, MO 65690

Link Academy-Kanakuk 1345 Lake Shore Dr., Branson, MO 65616

Lives Under Construction 296 Boys Ranch Road, Lampe, MO 65681

Principia– Aron House and Canfield House 13201 Clayton Rd. St. Louis MO 63131

Thomas Jefferson School 4100 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis MO 63127

Sunnydale Adventist Academy 6818 Audrain Road 9139, Centralia, MO 65240

ABM Ministries Inc. 299 Wayne 459, Piedmont, MO 63957

TEAM Boys Ranch 684 E Dade 74, Dadeville, MO 65635

Saint Paul Lutheran High School, Incorporated 205 South Main Street, Concordia, MO 64020

Harvest Foundation-Anchor Academy 705 Vanduser Street, Vanduser, MO 63784

St. Nicholas Academy 1310 Edgewood Dr, Jefferson City, MO 65109

Vision Boys Academy 677 Jewel Road, Sarcoxie, MO 64862

Missouri Military Academy 204 North Grand, Mexico, MO 65265

Chaminade College Preparatory School 425 S. Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63131

Monte Nido Affiliates aka Clementine 7190 Christopher Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129

Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center 2852 Independence St, Cape Girardeau 63703

The Ranch

Mormon Fundamentalists in Missouri

Located between Stockton and Humansville, up to 500 Mormon Fundamentalists live at “The Ranch”

You might be wondering how we got here.

Well, let’s start with David Bolthouse. He owns a company that lists its principle address as 516 Owens Mill Rd, Stockton, MO.

This property is split in half. Half is owned by Scott Smith, former staff at Agape Boarding School. The other half is owned by Seven Peaks LLC, which lists its registered agent as Issiah Andra.

I went down a Facebook rabbit hole with Issiah Andra, who lives in Humansville, MO and kept seeing a name, Zitting, that seemed familiar.

I’d seen Zitting around the Stockton area as well, but this was more familiar. Finally, it clicked, Zitting is the last name of a youtuber I watch whose channel is called Growing Up in Polygamy. Then, more names start to make sense. LeBaron. Jessop.

Why were there so many Mormon names in Southwest Missouri? It took me a while, but I finally just googled it.


The Ranch was started by Stephen Laub in 1983, directed by a divine voice to leave southwest Utah. Laub was formerly a part of the Apostolic United Brethren, or AUB group.

Back to Seven Peaks and Issiah Andra. Issiah and his family live on property owned by this mysterious church, Church of Christ of The Kingdom of God.

Is that a reach? Maybe. But it’s enough to keep me interested. Is there a connection between the Bolthouse companies (Exceed, Envoy, Best Choice, etc) and this polygamist group? Or is the connection between Agape and the group? Or is there no connection at all and I’m seeing things.

Seven Peaks also owns four single family homes in Greene County, and another home in Polk County.

All these rentals lead me to believe that perhaps I am jumping to conclusions about a connection between Smith and Andra.

Businesses Associated with The Church of Christ of the Kingdom of God

Bountiful Enterprises

BESE Holdings, LLC

Seven Peaks LLC

Young Buck LLC

Stockton Lake Land, LLC

Village Investments, LLC

Zitting Brothers Construction

ZB Holding Company

Lakeland Steel LLC

Custom Safe Rooms, LLC

BZ Holdings LLC

Pink’s Transportation, LLC

Rough Neck Transportation and Equipment, LLC

Eastern Kansas Investments, LLC

Slipwell Industries, LLC

Flickertail Holdings, LLC

Applied Steel Detailing, LLC

Kodiak Enterprises, LLC

Kwantumm LLC

Zitting Construction, LLC

Equipment Staffing, LLC

Northern Processing LCC

Show Me Investing, LLC

JZ Building, LLC

Frontier Creative, LLC

Martin’s Labor, LLC

Triple Seven Welding and Repaid, LLC

Oak Ridge Enterprises, LLC

Midland Classic Investments, LLC

Skyhook Erecting LLC

BESE Properties LLC

BESE Holding, Inc

Aquila Enterprises LLC

Andra Construction LLC

Native American Sacraments Co

Native American Sacraments (BOD: Helaman Andra, Jonathan Landis, Philip Berg)

Family Home LLC

Arnica Distribution LLC

Exchanging Times LLC

Skybound Estates LLC

Skybound, LLC

Andra Health LLC

Andres Contracting, LLC

Loving Homes

Laub Brothers, LLC

Clear Creek Enterprises LLC

Do It Best Construction, LLC

American Brothers Construction, LLC

Something Real, LLC

Ranch Life, LLC

Legend Contracting, LLC

Take It To The Top Construction, LLC

Nemenhah Church

Nemenhah Treasury

Brynhaven Farm

University of Nemenhah

New Beginnings Ministries

A place of refuge

Formerly New Beginnings Girls Academy

New Beginnings Ministries

New Beginnings Ministries seemed to be owned by MSJR Corporation. MSJR was first incorporated in 2006 by William McNamara who was living in Pace, Florida at the time. By the next year, William and his wife Jennifer were living at 7437 Lawrence County Ave, LaRussell, MO. Also on the board of directors were John and Ruth Stoltzfus of Kenneyville, Maryland.

MSJR Corporation owns three properties in Jasper County Missouri. The first, 7437 Lawrence Co Ave is 31 acres. The second and third, 739 Jewel Rd and 511 Jewel Rd respectively are single family homes that sit on either side of the campus of Vision Boys Academy.

According to a petition, the McNamaras have worked at Charity Haven in Florida, Victory Acres in Texas, and New Bethany Girls Academy.

Vision Boys Academy

Help for Struggling Young Boys

Vision Boys Academy accepts boys ages 8-12, and a commitment of one year is required for each resident.

Victory Baptist Temple AKA Vision Boys Academy

AKA Vision Baptist Church AKA Victory Boys Academy

Take a deep breath, this looks like it’ll get messy.

Vision Boys Academy is located at 677 Jewel Road, a 27 acre property in Sarcoxie, MO. The school is designed for young boys aged 8-12 and uses the ACE curriculum.

Victory Boys Academy

In 2013, Victory Boys Academy Corporation was incorporated by Shawn Lloyd Parker at the address of 677 Jewel Rd., Sarcoxie, MO. The purpose of this corporation is “To care for children and youth who need a place of refuge from their troubled lives and to receive guidance for mind, body and spirit as well as any other lawful purpose.”

By 2014, the following people were listed as being on the board of directors:

Shawn Parker and Kerri Parker of Sarcoxie and Nathaniel Means of Oklahoma City.

Nathaniel would later move to Tuttle, Oklahoma. Nathaniel Means graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College and Institute in 2009

In October of 2021, Victory Boys Academy Corporation would be officially terminated.

Vision Baptist Church

Vision Baptist Church is a domestic Nonprofit Corporation registered in Missouri in 2021 by Shawn Parker. It was initially formed as Victory Baptist Temple, but within two months the name was changed to Vision Baptist Church.

The board of directors of Vision Baptist Church, formerly Victory Baptist Temple includes:

Shawn and Kerry Parker of Sarcoxie, MO, Richard Way of Houma, LA, and Kyle Jackson of Sarcoxie, MO.

Vision Boys Academy

Vision Boys Academy is a fictitious name registered by Victory Baptist Temple only a month before they changed their name to Vision Baptist Church. Vision Baptist Church owns the property at 677 Jewel Road in Sarcoxie, MO where Vision Boys Academy Operates.

Calvary Baptist Temple

In 2014, Victory Boy’s Academy stated that they were a ministry of Calvary Baptist Temple located at 1302 High St, Sarcoxie, MO and headed by Eddie Martin. They have previously had their address listed as 677 Jewel Rd, the same address used by Vision Boys Academy.

Affiliated Companies

Vision Boys Academy is a client of Exceed Marketing Solutions and presumably also Best Choice Network.

The property on either side of the Vision Boys Academy property located at 677 Jewel Rd in Sarcoxie, MO is owned by MSJR Corporation. MSJR Corporation is owned by the owners of New Beginning Ministries, formerly New Beginnings Girls Academy, along with John and Ruth Stolzfus of Kenneyville, Maryland.

Victory Academy Endorsements

Troubled boys really find the help they need at Victory Boys Academy. We see changed lives, and new hearts, open to God’s purpose and plan when we interact with them in our community!

Pastor Matt, Heritage Baptist Church

To see boys’ lives changed for the better is the heart of Victory Boys Academy and the reason we refer young boys there regularly. The program is excellent.

Charlie Faulkner, Agape Boarding School (Director of Admissions)

Eric Schmitt: MO Candidate for U.S. Senate

A fighter

Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt is Missouri’s 43rd Attorney General and currently a candidate for U.S. Sentate.

Eric Schmitt was born in Bridgeton, Missouri on June 20th, 1975. Eric and his wife, Jaime, have three kids. He attended DeSmet Jesuit High School and attended undergrad at Truman State University, then called Northeast Missouri State University. After graduation, he attended law school at Saint Louis University. Eric spend over 16 years in private legal practice.

2022 U.S. Sentate Campaign

In March of 2021, Eric Schmitt announced his candidacy for the United States Senate. His candidacy was backed by Rex Sinquefield.

Schmitt won the Republican primary on August 2, 2022 with 45.6% of the vote.

Eric Schmitt’s primary competition in this election is Trudy Busch Valentine, who Schmitt calls “the heiress.” He has tweeted that Busch Valentine was “plucked from her mansion by greedy consultants in an attempt to buy this seat.”

Growing up on Grant’s Farm, it’s hard to say that Busch Valentine hasn’t had a privileged life.

Eric Schmitt and Agape Boarding School

In March of 2021, Governor Mike Parson directed the attorney general’s office to assist Cedar County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Gaither in investigating abuse allegations at Agape Boarding School in Stockton, Missouri. Former students made claims of being restrained, beaten, sexually abused, and used for manual labor duing their time at the school.

The attorney general’s office recommended 65 criminal counts against 22 codefendents at the conclusion of its investigation. Those charges involved 36 victims, ranging from felonies for abuse of a child, felonies for tampering with a victim, and misdemeanor charges for endangering the welfare of a child and failure to report child abuse.

Gaither proceeded to charge only five staffers. In response, Eric Schmitt formally requested that the governor remove his office from the case. He stated that Gaither’s decision “indicated that he does not intend to seek justice for all of the thirty-six children who were allegedly victimized.”

Currently, the attorney general’s office has filed an injunction to have Agape shut down. The next hearing is taking place on October 11th at the Cedar County Court House.

IRS Documents related to Agape Baptist Church

Agape Boarding School Retirement Plan

EIN: 43-1809170

Agape Ranch Ministries Inc.

EIN: 84-2735749

Stockton, MO

Agape Boarding School for Boys (Agape Ministries)

EIN: 91-1581309

Othello, WA

Revoked on May 15th, 2010

Agape-Clemensen Family Foundation

EIN: 84-4181210

Stockton, MO