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Has Agape rebranded? The old Citizens Memorial Hospital in Stockton, bought by the Agape Clemensen Family, is now owned by Begin Again Ministries.

So who is Begin Again Ministries? Yes, perhaps this is an entirely unaffiliated organization that acquired the hospital. But let’s be real, the name is just too on point for this situation.

Begin Again Ministries is a Nonprofit Corporation registered on May 27th, 2021.

Upon the initial filing, the organization had one incorporater, Barbara Jo Collins of Stockton, Missouri.

The purpose of this organization is to function as a transformation program for those who are or have been affected by substance use disorders and related issues that hinder the ability to live life free from the devastating affects of substance use. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive support to persons seeking spiritual, emotion, mental and physical healing from substance abuse and its related issues. Support will include providing residential housing, food, clothing, toiletries, and transportation to appropriate community mental health and rehabilitation services.

The Board of Directors as of July 2022 include Charity Neighbour-Treick, Kristina Hays, Cheryl Thornton, Beau Norman, Edina McGinnis, Barbara Jo Collins, Virgil McGinnis, and Christina Bravata. All of the Directors are from the Stockton area, including Humansville and Bolivar.

In a frankly shocking turn of events, Begin Again Ministries is actually registered as a non-profit with the IRS. Their EIN is 36-4993162.

It seems that this is a venture entirely separate from Agape! We’re glad to see it. Cheryl Thornton is even a Licensed Psychologist.

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