Agape Ranch Rebrands as RPM Ranch

RPM Ranch advertises itself as a Leadership and Character-Growth camp. They currently offer a 10 week Elite Horsemanship Summer Camp. RPM Ranch stands for Ride Prosperously Ministries. They claim to be a non-profit organization but I have not uncovered anything backing this up.

RPM Ranch was registered in the state of Missouri as an LLC on February 17th, 2023. This company was registered under a foreign LLC called Rockwater, LLC.

Rockwater, LLC owns parcels of land on the former Agape Boarding School campus.

Rockwater, LLC is registered in the state of Wyoming and formed originally on September 8th, 2022.

Unfortunately, the people now managing these companies are getting better at hiding their identities and are now using Registered Agents Inc to register their new businesses.

10 Week Summer Camp Application

The RPM Ranch 10 week camp costs $1200 per week for ten weeks, for a total cost of $12,000 or a discounted rate of $10,200 if you pay up front.

The application asks for a specific history abuse, listing things like Rape, Neglect, and Physical Abuse and asks parents to indicate if your child was the victim or the offender.

They also ask applicants “Please Describe Why You Feel Your Child Presently Needs an Alternative Summer Home Environment (Please provide as much information as possible):”

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