A Deep Dive into Properties Associated with Agape Boarding School

Agape Baptist Church DBA Agape Boarding School

A look into properties owned by Agape Baptist Church, Agape Holdings, Agape Holdings II, James & Kathy Clemensen, Bud Martin, and many more! If these kids get moved, here’s some thoughts on where to look.

Cedar County

Agape Baptist Church Inc

Parcel: 10-0.6-13-000-000-007.00

Acres: 91.8

Sec/Twn/Rng: 13/34/27

Agape Land Management LP

Agape Land Management LP was created in 2004 by Agape Holdings, LLC

Parcel: 09-0.4-18-000-000-002.00

Acres: 34.9

Sec/Twn/Rng: 18/34/26

Parcel: 09-0.4-18-000-000-003.00

Acres: 10.27

Sec/Twn/Rng: 18/34/26

Main Agape Campus

Address: 12998 E 1400 Rd, Stockton, MO 65785

Parcel: 10-0.6-13-000-000-002.01

Acres: 121.23

Sec/Twn/Rng: 13/34/27

Other Companies Associated with this Address:

Roundup Ministries, owned by Kevin & Loretta Walker. Other board members include Jeannie Churchill and another Kevin Walker.

Christian Womanhood, a fictitious name registered by Roundup Ministries in 2021.

Parcel: 10-0.6-14-000-000-002.00

Acres: 121.07

Sec/Twn/Rng: 14/34/27

Parcel: 10-1.2-11-000-000-006.01

Acres: 146.69

Sec/Twn/Rng: 11/34/27

Parcel: 10-1.2-11-000-000-008.00

Acres: 0.98

Sec/Twn/Rng: 11/34/27

Agape Clemensen Family Foundation

The Agape Clemensen Family Foundation was formed in 2016 as a non-profit corporation. The current board members are Bryan Clemensen, Kathy Clemensen, Shelbi Dumar, Allan Clemensen, Percy “Bud” Martin, Debbie Martin, Scott Dumar, and Kirsty Clemensen.

Address: 811 Owen Mill Rd, Stockton MO

Parcel: 09-2.2-09-002-001-001.00

Acres: 7.4

Sec/Twn/Rng: 09/34/26

Previously owned by Citizens Memorial Healthcare Foundation and was reportedly donated to the Agape Clemensen Family Foundation.

Read more from the Cedar County Republican & Stockton Journal

According to this article, “Agape-Clemensen Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which operates Agape Boarding School.”

Gary Fulbright, executive director of Citizens Memorial Hospital, reached out to Agape to see if they could use the building. Agape suggested that a possible use for the building would include a training center or young adults program.

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Taney County

Clemensen Family Land Partnership LP

Clemensen Family Land Partnership LP was created in 2004 by Agape Holdings II, LLC

Currently for sale!

Parcel: 07-7.0-26-004-003-007.000

Address: 173 N Rainbow Rd

1855 sqft Residence

Sec/Twn/Rng: 26/23/22

There are three additional properties owned by Kathy Clemensen or the Clemensen Jim & Kathy Trust in Taney County that include one empty lot and three single family homes. There is also one empty lot owned by Martin Percy L II & Debra that is currently having a single family home built on it.

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