Grace Boys Ranch

Located in Pacific, MO, Grace Boys Ranch is a residential school program that has been operating since 1995. They originally started in Colorado, but in 2000 they moved to the Saint Louis metro area and have been located in numerous homes in the area.

I have been unable to find an active registered business for this school. There is an expired Nonprofit, an expired fictitious name, and two expired Nonprofits under the name Grace Ranch Ministries.

They advertise themselves as a residential school that helps boys 6 to 16 years old with behavior problems, including ADD, ODD, RAD, and ADHD.

Grace Boys Ranch was founded by Father Richard Rix, after operating a counseling center in Wheatridge, Colorado. They operated “shepherding houses” in the Denver area before buying a ranch property in Wiggins, Colorado.

In 2003, they were located in Florissant, but had plans to open a new ranch facility in the Springfield, MO area.

The school is currently located at 10421 Apke Lane, Catawissa, MO.

In 2018, a home at this location burned down. Two adults and 8 boys were inside the home when the fire broke out, but none were hurt.

It now appears that this location may have been sold.

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