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Whetstone Boys Ranch of Mountain View, Missouri

Whetstone Buys Ranch is a foreign non-profit registered in Missouri, the home state is Texas. It was first registered in Missouri in 2009, but was incorporated in Texas in 2005.

In 2009, the principal place of business was 4416-2 Jarvis, Lubbock TX 79416

The board of directors was made up of President Nathan Dahlstrom, Secretary Jeremy Thompson, and Treasurer Brandon Maxwell.

Current Board Members

(According to the Whetstone Website)

  • President: Gina Degenhart, Evansville Indiana
  • Vice President: Blaine Eubank, Canyon Texas
  • Secretary:
  • Lou Wehmer, Willow Springs Missouri
  • Stacy Faulkenrath, West Plains Missouri
  • Ted Landers, West Plains Missouri
  • Wilma Eubank, Amarillo Texas

The Whetstone Story

The founders of Whetstone previously worked at a variety of similar facilities including Shelterwood Boarding School, Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch, and Lubbock Children’s Home.

Whetstone Boys Ranch Student Manual

Like most similar schools, Whetstone used the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.

Policies I Enjoyed

Running Policies:

  • Boys should never attempt to touch a moving vehicle or any person in a moving vehicle.
  • No two boys can run together unless they are given permission.
  • Stopping to urinate or defecate is strictly prohibited.
  • Boys must tie their shoes correctly and firmly.
  • Boys must always wear/carry watch.
  • Absence/Non-Compliance
    • If a resident chooses to walk, or if he completes the run in a time that exceeds 2 minutes over his best time, he may be put on privilege restriction until he makes up the run with an equal or in some cases greater number of laps.
    • Boys must make progress towards their individualized running goals to be eligible for level advancement. NOTE: If reasonable progress is not achieved and if run times do not decrease steadily over time, other consequences such us work hours and/or loss of daily points may be assigned.
    • Any violation of the running policy will result in loss of merits and possible work hours.
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I’m not going to break down the record nonsense, but you earn merits for running better times. It’s all very well lined out. On the plus side, if the Heat Index is over 100, Wind chill below 25, Lightning within 30 minutes of start, running is cancelled.

If roads are hazardous due to mud, snow, or ice, boys will run on Whetstone property.

They also have a comprehensive monthly program called River Rock Recreation Program that includes a variety of sports and work out regimens. These are contained in a separate Ranch document that you must inquire to see.

Minor Violations

These are some minor violations that result in the loss of 5-25 merits that I think are silly:

  • Chapped hands (I don’t know about you but farm work in the winter is a recipe for chapped hands)
  • Putting fingers, pencils, pens, paper, erasers in your mouth (I would be dead)
  • Not crossing out goals when completed
  • Crossing our goals before they are complete, i.e, scored and corrected
  • Sloppy handwriting
  • Not circling a whole bunch of stuff
  • Not siting on the left side of your desk
  • Getting out of chair without permission
  • Slouching in chair
  • Not raising your flag to ask a question
  • Humming, tapping or bouncing to music
  • Turning or looking around
  • Laughing or taking to yourself
  • Undoing any article of clothing outside of bathroom
  • Any unapproved talking in the Learning Center
  • Any relatively minor disturbance in the Learning Center
  • Inconsistent work habits (dozing, staring, doodling, etc)
  • Taking too long in the bathroom
  • hoarding snacks
  • Not drinking enough water (1 liter before lunch; 1 after lunch)
  • Not wearing/bringing watch to school or while running
  • Not bringing water bottle to and from school
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Major Violations

These result in serious consequences such as privilege restriction, loss of daily point(s), and/or the loss of at least 50 merits.

  • Falling behind by more than 3 days on any PACE
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Defiance
  • Disrespect of self or others
  • obscene gestures
  • Filthy or Impure language
  • Trying to access the internet without permission
  • Tampering with another student’s work station or school materials
  • Physical Contact / Horseplay
  • Property Damage
  • Repeated Minor Offenses

Assorted Staff

Axel Liimatta is the Director of Communications at Whetstone Boys Ranch. He served as Whetstone’s first teacher and headmaster from 2011 to 2021.


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