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David Bolthouse knows how to keep his hands clean

Best Choice Network

Best Choice Network brands itself as a free service that helps parents find the right program for their kids. They claim to visit and evaluate programs and speak to parents of students there.

Other Names: Best Choice Admissions Services

How does Best Choice make Money?

Best Choice is paid a flat fee for any enrollment that is the result of their assistance.

Emergency Placement Services

Our placement specialists spend every day moving expelled teens to more appropriate programs and schools. Most importantly, they help protect the school’s reputation, smoothing things over with the parent and encouraging them to instead praise your program. With our team in charge, your staff are free to focus on their regular responsibilities (like refilling the now empty bed), rather than spending several days working with the family.

Emergency Placement Services Includes:

  • Assisting the family in understanding “Why” their teen is being expelled and explaining that this is a good thing for their family
  • Helping the family find something that is more appropriate due to the current circumstance
  • Setting up a transition with the child to a new program
  • Coaching the parent through the enrollment process again
  • Recommending that the parents thank the previous program for all they did for their family and suggesting they write a 5-star review on the program for helping them find something more appropriate
  • If needed, help the program fill the new opening through a referral from the Best Choice Admissions.

What’s up with Oregon?

The Best Choice website says that due to severely restrictive new laws in Oregon, they can no longer help Oregon residents.

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What does Best Choice offer Schools?

Schools gain access to the Best Choice Lead Management System, provided by Exceed Marketing.

Exceed Marketing, you say? That sounds familiar…..

Staff & Affiliates

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is listed as a current manager at Best Choice Network.

Scott Smith is the former Admissions Director for Agape Boarding School.

Oh no, here we go again. Scott Smith owns the north half of 516 Owen Mill Rd, in Stockton, Missouri. The other half of 516 is owned by Seven Peaks, LLC.

Seven Peaks, LLC is registered by Andra Issiah of Humansville, MO.

Exceed Marketing Solutions, LLC is registered to 516 Owens Mill Road.

While look at the Cedar County GIS, I noticed that a very large building just down the road was owned by Agape Clemensen Family Foundation, Inc. It appears that in August of 2020, a warranty deed for 811 Owen Mill Rd was granted to Agape-Clemensen Family Foundation INC by Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation.

The 38,000 square foot facility was donated by CMH.

Scott Smith once wrote a Five Star Review for Stockton Lake Pro-Audio, owned by Jonathan Petrie.

That is the worst segue ever, but give it a shot.

David Bolthouse

David Bolthouse lives in Redondo Beach, California.

CEO at Exceed Marketing Solutions, LLC

CEO at Best Choice Network

Previously Executive Director at the Association of Christian Therapeutic Schools and Services

Founder, CEO, Marketing Consultant of The Envoy Group

Alright, What is Exceed Marketing Solutions, LLC?

Exceed Marking Solutions is “low-cost high-performance internet-based marketing strategy, implementation and expert management for one flat fee.” They are “Filling up schools and programs and keeping them full!”

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That’s right, Exceed is a one stop shop for marketing YOUR Troubled Teen Program! From SEO to Website Development and their custom Lead Manager System! Yup, that same one that Best Choice Offers!

Exceed’s key tactic has been to ensure that their clients are found at the moment when individuals are in their greatest need and searching for help. They are preying on the shame parents feel about their child, because parents “will generally go online to search for help, quietly, and on their own.”

Because Exceed is only for businesses in the Troubled Teen Industry. They focus on building a “Credible Online Persona” for each client. This includes improving what is on social media, gaining press coverage, and through affiliations with other credible groups.

Did I mention that David Bolthouse was an executive director for the Association of Christian Therapeutic Schools and Services.

Sounds like a credible third party to me.

How did Exceed Get its Start?

Founder David Bolthouse sent his teenage son to a residential program, but was nearly killed on campus. David realized that he needed to do more research, so he found another program and sent his kid to that one instead.

Exceed currently has offices in Colorado Springs (and presumably at 516 Owns Mill Rd in Stockton, Missouri) and is now led by Karl Schaller.

How is there another name already? These people know too many people.

A quote from Scott Smith, Agape Admissions Director:

Our target goal for enrollment for Agape was 120 boys. After Exceed started helping, we actually hit 120 for the first time. So, we found a way to squeeze in 4 more beds and we also filled those. Due to the increase in parents contacting us, we are able to be more selective in the students we would accept. We were also able to increase the Agape tuition rate! The entire Agape program improved so much thanks to Exceed’s work.”

Exceed doesn’t just market, they revolutionize these institutions as businesses.

Exceed Marketing Solutions, LLC Portfolio

Exceed has the following websites in their portfolio. If it is a directory site, I’m assuming it’s under the Best Choice Network umbrella that provides leads.

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Clearview Horizon

Columbus Girls Academy

Freedom Academy

Future Men

House of Hope

Jubilee Academy

Lakeland Girls Academy

Lakeside Retreat Center

New Hope Boys Home

New Horizons Boys Ranch

Parent Help

Prayer Mountain Academy

Promise Village

Providence Pass

Re-Creation Retreat

Red Hawk Academy

Safe Harbor Academy

Teen Help Finder

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

Teen Challenge Kansas City

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Troubled Teen Transport

US Boarding Schools

Vero Beach Boys Ranch

Treasure Coast Academy

Wings Of Faith Academy

Wolf Creek Academy

Waterford Country School

Pausing for a while, tonight is the first Splatoon 3 Splatfest.

Also because whatever idiot put this portfolio list together is repeating things and the links just go to….http://(name of school) BECAUSE WHY.

Every single on of these places still has their name affiliated with a company whose manager actively recruited boys into a school that had abuse allegations.

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