Jonathan Petrie, is this important?

Jonathan Petrie, 31, owns Stockton Lake Pro-Audio & Design.

He is the assistant worship leader at The Hill Stockton.

He is the former clinic manager at Stockton Lake Walk-In Clinic. Fortunately the walk-in clinic has been closed since David Smock has been in the custody of Greene County.

He was a former assistant at Southpointe Christian Center.

So what’s it matter? Why do I care about this dude?

In 2008, Jonathan Petrie was a Maintenance Specialist at Level 4 Medical DBA Foothills Health Center in Yuma, Arizona.

Then, for some reason, he worked at target for two years in Sacramento while also doing audio work at Southpointe Christian Church.

Oh, that’s right, because churches love free labor.

Then, he went to West Valley City, Utah and drove a truck for a while before becoming the Vice President of Level 4 Medical in Stockton, Missouri.

Again, who cares? According to some bad math, Jonathan Petrie was only 17 years old when he started working for David Smock in Yuma, Arizona. For more than a decade, Jonathan has followed David across the country, both settling in Stockton where Jonathan was promoted to Vice President of Smock’s business.

What Jonathan has to say about Dr. David Smock:

I have known Dr. Smock for nearly 20 years and from the moment I Met him he makes you feel welcomed. Love his heart to help the homeless and make sure they have someone to talk too, pray with and still get medical education. Hope you have a blessed day and many years to come. God Bless.

Can we go back to Jonathan being 31? So he probably met David Smock as a young teenager.

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Need to follow up, but is David Smock the same David Smock that was in charge of the teen-aged California body-building championship?

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