The Ranch

Mormon Fundamentalists in Missouri

Located between Stockton and Humansville, up to 500 Mormon Fundamentalists live at “The Ranch”

You might be wondering how we got here.

Well, let’s start with David Bolthouse. He owns a company that lists its principle address as 516 Owens Mill Rd, Stockton, MO.

This property is split in half. Half is owned by Scott Smith, former staff at Agape Boarding School. The other half is owned by Seven Peaks LLC, which lists its registered agent as Issiah Andra.

I went down a Facebook rabbit hole with Issiah Andra, who lives in Humansville, MO and kept seeing a name, Zitting, that seemed familiar.

I’d seen Zitting around the Stockton area as well, but this was more familiar. Finally, it clicked, Zitting is the last name of a youtuber I watch whose channel is called Growing Up in Polygamy. Then, more names start to make sense. LeBaron. Jessop.

Why were there so many Mormon names in Southwest Missouri? It took me a while, but I finally just googled it.


The Ranch was started by Stephen Laub in 1983, directed by a divine voice to leave southwest Utah. Laub was formerly a part of the Apostolic United Brethren, or AUB group.

Back to Seven Peaks and Issiah Andra. Issiah and his family live on property owned by this mysterious church, Church of Christ of The Kingdom of God.

Is that a reach? Maybe. But it’s enough to keep me interested. Is there a connection between the Bolthouse companies (Exceed, Envoy, Best Choice, etc) and this polygamist group? Or is the connection between Agape and the group? Or is there no connection at all and I’m seeing things.

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Seven Peaks also owns four single family homes in Greene County, and another home in Polk County.

All these rentals lead me to believe that perhaps I am jumping to conclusions about a connection between Smith and Andra.

Businesses Associated with The Church of Christ of the Kingdom of God

Bountiful Enterprises

BESE Holdings, LLC

Seven Peaks LLC

Young Buck LLC

Stockton Lake Land, LLC

Village Investments, LLC

Zitting Brothers Construction

ZB Holding Company

Lakeland Steel LLC

Custom Safe Rooms, LLC

BZ Holdings LLC

Pink’s Transportation, LLC

Rough Neck Transportation and Equipment, LLC

Eastern Kansas Investments, LLC

Slipwell Industries, LLC

Flickertail Holdings, LLC

Applied Steel Detailing, LLC

Kodiak Enterprises, LLC

Kwantumm LLC

Zitting Construction, LLC

Equipment Staffing, LLC

Northern Processing LCC

Show Me Investing, LLC

JZ Building, LLC

Frontier Creative, LLC

Martin’s Labor, LLC

Triple Seven Welding and Repaid, LLC

Oak Ridge Enterprises, LLC

Midland Classic Investments, LLC

Skyhook Erecting LLC

BESE Properties LLC

BESE Holding, Inc

Aquila Enterprises LLC

Andra Construction LLC

Native American Sacraments Co

Native American Sacraments (BOD: Helaman Andra, Jonathan Landis, Philip Berg)

Family Home LLC

Arnica Distribution LLC

Exchanging Times LLC

Skybound Estates LLC

Skybound, LLC

Andra Health LLC

Andres Contracting, LLC

Loving Homes

Laub Brothers, LLC

Clear Creek Enterprises LLC

Do It Best Construction, LLC

American Brothers Construction, LLC

Something Real, LLC

Ranch Life, LLC

Legend Contracting, LLC

Take It To The Top Construction, LLC

Nemenhah Church

Nemenhah Treasury

Brynhaven Farm

University of Nemenhah

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