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About Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead

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Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead is a determined young woman full of vision and purpose. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Asia always knew she was here to do something great! She began exploring her God-given gifts at the tender age of five, when she began singing at her local church. This sparked her love for the arts. Asia was blessed to begin a career as a singer, an actress and a songwriter. With recording contracts from the age of twelve with Electra records, Jay-z’s Roc-a-Fella Records, and later a joint venture with Heavy-D’s Soul on Soul Productions  Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Entertainment. In the midst of her aspiring music career, Asia chose to embark in the world of acting, both on and off the big screen. With credits that include Robert Townsend’s ‘The Meteor Man’, Spike Lee’s ‘Crooklyn’, a few appearances on hit television shows such as ‘New York Undercover’, as well as guest performances on a number of talk shows. Asia would further legitimize her acting career as she expanded her reach toward the Broadway stage. Over the course of 12 years, Asia would tour with a number of stage plays. Including, principal roles in ‘Mama I Want to Sing’‘Born to Sing Mama 3’, with Pastor Shirley Caesar, Lisa Fischer and Stephanie Mills. She Then went on to tour with several other plays including  ‘Confessions’, featuring Kelly Price, ‘Casino’, featuring Tommy Ford and the late Gerald Levert and a host of other plays, all with Asia starring in principal roles. These opportunities have allowed Asia to work alongside Hollywood’s elite performers and actors.

With all of her accomplishments in the entertainment field, Asia has always remained true to her Christian upbringing. Asia accepted the call to ministry and is an ordained Bishop, Prophetess, Teacher, Preacher and Licensed Chaplin. She was first ordained in 2010 at Miracle Temple of Praise, where her parents, the late Dr. Cheryl and her father, Elder Keith DosReis were the Pastors. Currently, Asia serves as the First Lady and Overseer of Leaders of Tomorrow international Ministries; where her beloved husband Bishop Lamor Whitehead is the Presiding Prelate. In April 2015, Asia found herself in the fight of her life! She was admitted into the hospital and was declared completely paralyzed. The cause was a very rare and devastating condition known as ‘Guillian Barre’ Syndrome’. Because of the severity of Asia’s case and its alarmingly rapid progression, her prognosis was not favorable. In fact, the doctors predicted that Asia would eventually lose her ability to breathe on her own and would never regain the use of her limbs for walking or functioning as normal. But Asia’s Faith NEVER wavered! She held on to her belief that GOD CAN DO ANYTHING, and that included healing her. After an extended stay at two different hospitals, and being sent home still unable to walk or care for herself, Asia’s desire to walk again grew stronger every day! Asia made a miraculous recovery within three months of her release from the hospital! When asked how she did it, her answer is a very firm “GOD IS A HEALER!” Asia is certain that all of the credit belongs to God and her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for restoring her life.

Currently, Asia is determined to spread the good news and inspire hope into lives across the globe as she travels as a motivational speaker, an empowerment strategist and preacher. She is the CEO and Founder of The UaReACHAMPION Empowerment Network. This network provides Mentorship and empowerment for women across the globe. With her forthcoming book and documentary, Asia’s goal is to provide insight and encouragement to never give up through her story of faith and perseverance. With all of this said, when asked what she feels her greatest accomplishments are, Asia smiles and simply says “Heaven”, referring to her beautiful daughter who is the joy of her life. 

Asia Whitehead as a Spiritual Leader

Asia was first ordained in 2010 at Miracle Temple of Praise where her parents were Pastors.

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Currently, Asia serves as the First Lady and Overseer of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. Bishop Lamor Whitehead is the Presiding Prelate.

What is a Presiding Prelate

A Prelate is a high-ranking member of the Christian clergy who is an ordinary or who ranks in precedence with ordinaries.

The archetypal prelate is a bishop.

Wait, What’s an Ordinary?

My heathen is showing. An ordinary is an officer of a church or civic authority who by reason of office has “ordinary power” to execute laws.

Overseer DosReis Ordination Celebration

UaReACHAMPION Empowerment Network

Founded by Asia K. DosReis-Whitehead, this organization’s sole purpose  is to enlighten, inspire and enrich the lives of women and to help them find the CHAMPION that lives within them.

The organization sells memberships that offer access to networking events and mentoring by Asia herself. They will also gain access to the resources of other women within the network.

From their website, “Entrepreneurs within the U.R.A.C. network will gain opportunities for greater promotions, increase in business as well as mentorship and development.”

URAC became a federal Non-Profit on April 22nd, 2020.

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