Freeway Ministries

One broken life at a time, and don’t you forget it

Freeway Ministries describes the people who walk through their doors as having a sordid past or as being in the midst of a messed up life.

Discipleship Houses

A major part of Freeway Ministries is their Discipleship Houses. They operate 12 homes with nearly 70 bed. These houses are meant to provide a safe environment for residents to grow and develop their walk with the Lord.

Men pay $350 per month and women pay $300 to stay at these Discipleship Houses. When someone applies to a Freeway Ministries Discipleship House, they must agree to the Safe Living Rules of Conduct Agreement. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge you are in a transitional living environment and have no landlord/tenant rights. Any violation of their rules will result in immediate discharge from the house.

In these rules, Freeway Ministries refers to their residents as ”house guests.”

A Few Choice Rules

This is a selection of rules that I found enjoyable.

“No foul language, inappropriate or crude joking, or cursing while at the house.”

“Criminal mentality. We do not condone, promote or encourage ”the criminal code” at Freeway ministries. If you’re looking to continue living like a criminal, then you need not apply with us.”

“You are expected to give back to the community and serve the people group. You will be very busy and actively serving the community”

“Romantic relationships of any kind are prohibited. Relationships case relapse…We also want to make sure our guests are qualified to be souses, according to Ephesians 5.”

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“Accountability is a must, and we will be in your business”

“To have a personal phone, you must open it upon request…Failure to submit to this rule is a breach of your contract”

Further down the application, you are asked ”Have you currently been prescribed any medications?” and a highlighted note to the side states ”Note that anyone who is heavily medicated due to psychological issues need not apply. We are not a medical center and cannot accept this type of client.”

They also highlight that ”The only relationship we will except is a biblical marriage between a man and a woman” but of course as previously stated, they want to make sure guests are ”qualified” to be spouses.

Exploitation of Congregation

Successful members of their congregation can experience such joys as their mugshot being used on the Freeway Ministries website to promote their programs.

The Timothy Project

The Timothy Project is a Freeway Ministries internship programing that exists to provide training and hands-on experience to those who are called to serve in Freeway’s Missions. The program is designed to prepare men and women for service in communities in local and national missions.

During this internship, interns complete the following list of learning checkpoints:

Jail Visitations

  • Learn how to look for and address certain behaviors in incarcerated individuals
  • Display obedience and willingness to follow instructions of supervisor and law enforcement
  • Maintain truthful and honest communication with Clients
  • Communicate with individual on post-jail follow up procedures

Applicant Communication

  • Interview Freeway House Applicants and communicate with family members
  • Give tasks to applicants and follow up on completion
  • Discuss with probation and parole officers about prospective applicants
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Outreach and Events

  • Plan and participate in outreach strategies
  • Assist in Freeway service leadership
  • Learn all areas of Freeway’s operations-i.e. kitchen, security, childcare, etc.


  • Understand the process of checking someone into emergency treatment
  • Deal with someone under severe influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Recognize and report the behaviors of someone experiencing addiction

Family Interaction

  • Help the family surrender affected loved one to treatment
  • Discuss treatment process with family
  • Assist family in setting healthy boundaries and understanding enabling behaviors


  • Learn to build sermons and lessons
  • Help staff members lead classes

Discipleship House

  • Learn the structure of Freeway’s discipleship houses
  • Confront and discipline house members
  • Engage in house meetings and conflict mediation
  • Develop a trusting relationship with house members

State Agencies

  • Communicate with probation and parole officers
  • Understand court process and represent a client in court
  • Transport clients to and from jail
  • Work with pretrial services

This ”internship” trains individuals in ”recovery ministry.” I don’t think I need to explain the issues with this list of internship activities.

Business Structure

Freeway Ministries, Inc. is a registered non-profit in the state of Missouri. The President is Mike Aye of Willard, MO. On its Board of Directors is Kenny Hale, Gary Wilson, and Brandon Taylor all of Springfield, Missouri.

In 2019, Freeway Ministries brought in over $60,000 in revenue from their Discipleship Houses and over $80,000 in Lease Income. This is in addition to the over $200,000 in donations received by the organization.

Freeway Ministries Resources

Freeway Ministries offers a list of community resources which includes McGuire Christian Counseling. Mcguire Christian Counseling is owned by a former Board Member of Freeway Ministries, Inc. While Aaron Mcguire is no longer listed on the Board of Directors, I still find in unethical to list this service alongside other Mental Health Services without disclosing the relationship. I hope that when Aaron Mcguire was on the Board of Directors this fact was disclosed to clients of Freeway Ministries.

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