Choices Medical Services

Compassionate Sexual Health Services in Joplin if you Choose Life

Choices Medical Services in Joplin, Missouri is all about choices. Like the choice to use “YIKES” and “OH NO” in their marketing, and a firm dedication to terrible stock photo usage.

Say the Quiet Part Out Loud

In a blog post from 2018 on the Choices Medical website, they clearly state:

While we do not perform or refer for abortions, there are several resources we can offer—for free— as you make a choice about your pregnancy.

If you think, even for a minute, that abortion might be right for you, your body, your future, DO NOT seek counseling from Choices Medical Services in Joplin Missouri.

They DO NOT refer for abortions.

They DO NOT provide abortions.

Where ever you fall on the morality of abortions, it needs to be said that Choices Medical Services does not refer for abortions, but they want people considering an abortion to call them.

The only reason to call them is to be talked out of an abortion. If you are considering an abortion, they will not help you pursue that path by way of a referral.

I am not going to go into their other services, such as free STI testing and other services, which they do promote heavily.

91% Chose Life

In a promotional video for LifeChoices, the parent company of Choices Medical, they state that over 11,000 were “vulnurable” to abortion, and that 91% chose life.

Business Overview

Choices Medical Services is a Fictitious name originally registered in 2015 by Lifechoices – Karolyn Schrage. The business address is listed as 531 East 7th Street, Joplin, Mo 64801 .

In May of 2020, Choices Medical Services was registered by the same person but at the address 2337 Fairlawn Drive, Carthage, Mo 64836.

Both of these fictitious names are currently active in Missouri.


Lifechoices, previously registered as Life Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center and Crisis Pregnancy Center of Joplin, Inc, is a Nonprofit that was registered in Missouri in 1989. Life Choices is registered at the address 531 E 7th St, Joplin, Mo 65801.

1989 Articles of Incorporation

In 1989, Crisis Pregnancy Center of Joplin, Inc was incorporated. The board of directors consisted of:

Stan Wiedeman of Joplin, MO

Rick Smith of Joplin, MO

Greg Bunn of Joplin, MO

Sandi McReynolds of Carl Junction, MO

David Glenn of Joplin, MO

1990 Annual Registration Report

Corporation Purpose: To help women in crisis pregnancies understand & work through the alternatives, & support her through the pregnancy

In 1990 the following people are new to the board of directors:

Kenny & Linda Boles of Joplin, MO

Martha Whitford, Webb City, MO

1991 Annual Registration Report

Corporation Purpose: We give free confidential counseling information about pregnancy. Give free test for confirming pregnancy. We are an alternative to abortion. We are Pro-Life.

In 1991, Stan Wiedeman is no longer president, and David Glenn has been names as president.

New members on the board:

Bob Turner of Joplin, MO

John Goff of Joplin

Keith Moeller of Joplin

1992 Annual Registration Report

Corporation Purpose: To provide free pregnancy tests and trained counseling to assist our clients

New members on the board:

Bev Zerkel of Joplin

Dean Wilson of Carl Junction

2008 Change of Registered Agent

Let’s jump forward a bit, for the sake of my sanity.

In 2008, Karolyn Schrage becomes the new registered agent. By this point, the company is known as LifeChoices.

At this point the board is made up of:

Jay St Clair of Joplin, MO (President)

Kim Lester of Joplin

Frank Buchanan of Joplin

2015 – Choices Medical Services is Registered

In 2015, the name Choices Medical Services is registered by Lifechoices.

In 2015 the board is made up of:

Charlie James of Joplin, MO (President)

Gabe Lett of Joplin, MO (Secretary)

LaJeana Sapp of Joplin

Brad Bishop of Joplin

Janet Dodson of Loma Linda, MO

Current Status of the Board

As of August 2022 the board is made up of:

Tony Allmoslecher of Carthage, MO (Chairman and President)

LaJeana Sapp of Joplin, MO (Secretary)

Michael DeFazio of Webb City, MO

Susan Hill of Joplin, MO

Tracy Godfrey of Carl Junction, MO

Rebecca Moss of Webb City, MO

Kyle Kennedy of Webb City, MO

IRS Form 990 Filings for Lifechoices

As of right now, I can only find IRS 990s for Lifechoices from 2016 to 2020. I’m assuming this is the result of name changes, but if you want to take a look, you can download them below.

For 2020, they only have a 990-T online which is unrelated taxable income. Unfortunately, the IRS is still lagging behind with processing tax returns since 2020 so I will give the benefit of the doubt and wait to see if we get more recent forms soon.

Form 990 for Lifechoices 2019

2019 is the last year that we have access to a complete form 990 for Lifechoices. I’m not an accountant, but I will try to point out some interesting things, but you can download the complete document above and have a look yourself.


LifeChoices Mission

In 2019, LifeChoices has 9 members of their board of directors. They employed 21 people. They had 40 volunteers.

LifeChoices received $1,133,886 in contributions or grants. Their total revenue was $1,329,284.

LifeChoices paid $583,437 in Salaries, other compensation, and employee benefits. Their other expenses were $736,512 for a total of $1,319,949 in expenses.

Their total revenue less expenses was $9,335.

Their net assets in 2019 is $1,959,152.

None of the members of LifeChoices board receive any reportable compensation for their work on the board

Evolution of the Mission

It’s pretty clear when you look at a lot of these crisis centers that they are beginning to hide their religious affiliations as they grow and change.

2005 About Us

LifeChoices began in 1989 to help the woman who finds herself in a potentially difficult pregnancy. Since that time more than 7,000 women and their families have received helped. For women who are considering abortion, it is vitally important that they know accurate facts, so they can make decisions which will be positive ones for their health, children, and their futures. LifeChoices helps an average of 1,000 clients each year.

LifeChoices is a medical clinic which is run by a local board of directors, has a staff of ten, a team of over 150 volunteers, and a medical advisory board to help provide oversight. The mission of the LifeChoices team is to help women make healthy choices for Life! All services are free and confidential.

Our Mission: LifeChoices serves Jesus Christ by ministering to people who have emotional, spiritual, physical, or educational needs associated with a pregnancy through information, education, counseling, material support, referrals and prayer.

2005 Family Links

In 2005, Life Choices offers the following websites to help people needing help:

Life Issues Institute, Inc

Assuring, through education, equal protection under the law for all living humans from the beginning of their biological life at fertilization until natural death.

Heartbeat International

Heartbeat is an association of life-affirming education and pregnancy service providers. Their mission is to create an environment where every human heart is cherished and protected – in the womb and within strong families through: Education Training Support Networking.

Focus on the Family began in 1977 in response to Dr. James Dobson’s increasing concern for the American family.

Ultimate pro-life resource list

On this web site you can find information regarding abortion, adoption, euthanasia, news articles, links to other organizations, pregnancy help and lots of other helpful advice.

Ramah International

Ramah works to raise the level of awareness about the needs of individuals who have experienced abortion, provide post-abortion resources, research and training programs necessary to mobilize and equip “the christian community ” to reach out and help those affected by abortion.

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) is an organization which exists to provide life-affirming pregnancy help centers the best legal education, consultation, and training possible.

Family Research Council

The Family Research Council is a leading organization, created to address issues of morality within American culture. Position Statement The Family Research Council: Believes in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until natural death.

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health

The Medical Institute is a nonprofit medical organization founded in 1992 by gynecologist Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., M.D. It is designed to confront the world epidemics of nonmarital pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease with incisive health care data.

Winter 2005 Newsletter

2008 Redesign and Update

In 2008, LifeChoices website underwent a massive redesign. They are now using an early version of the logo that they will use in 2022, featuring a circle with a cross on the bottom right.

Connection Institute

In 2008, a link is added to Connection Institute. Connection Institute is the prevention services arm of Choices Medical Clinic & Resource Center in Joplin, MO.

Connection Institute offers Project ID which is a 5-day program for 5th and 6th grade students focused on building critical thinking skills in relation to friendships, cyber safety, health, and daily decisions that can impact their lives and futures.

They also have produced a comprehensive 10-day teen sexual health program designed to provide a safe learning environment with current, medically accurate information. The core message of Compass is this: the choice is yours, choose to know. It is currently in 16 districts in 7th, 8th and 9th grade.

According to the Connections website, their programs are value-neutral and do no promote a religious or political agenda. They believe that sexuality is a natural, normal part of all human beings. They avoid messages that promote sex as shameful or judge or define people who have had past sexual experiences by victimization or choice.

Their curricula also explains that risks are lowest when sex occurs in a mutually monogamous committed relationship.

Move to Choices Medical

In 2014, begins to redirect to A lot of the copy is very similar to what’s available on their website currently.

There’s no longer a cross in their logo, but it’s still present on the LifeVoices website.

Abortion Health & Safety

If you’ve already decided to have an abortion, Choices Medical wants you to know that women with an sti are more likely to have an infection after an abortion! Which is important because more than one million pregnant women are diagnosed with an STI!

Isn’t that scary? Before you schedule an abortion, you should definitely get FREE STI testing and treatment at Choices Medical!

I’m sure there definitely won’t be any encouragement to maybe choose an alternative to abortion. Anything to get women in the door.

The Internet is For Porn

While exploring the Connections Institute website, I found this fun video by Fight the New Drug. Very value-neutral, guys.


Abortion Ruling Impact on LifeChoices

KSN Local News reporting on LifeChoices after the Supreme Court decision on Roe V Wade.

Affiliations and Name Changes

Crisis Pregnancy Center of Joplin, Inc

Lifechoices – This site now redirects to – This seems to be the fundraising arm of lifechoices, where they use the name LifeChoices Health Network with a cross in their logo. On this site, they are willing to talk about God.

BrightCourse -BrightCourse is a subscription-based video-streaming service for providers who want to help their clients learn about topics such as prenatal care, parenting, relationships, life skills, and more.

Medical Advisory Panel for LifeVoices

Dr. Chris Roberts, MD OBGYN;
Dr. Tracy Godfrey, MD;

Karl Wendt, Ph.D., AAMFT;
Mischa Long, RN, BSN;

Karolyn Schrage, RN, BSN (Executive Director of LifeChoices)

LifeChoices in the Media

Care Net TV

We are kicking off our first episode of Care Net TV with an interview featuring Care Net President and CEO, Roland Warren, and Karolyn Schrage, Executive Director of LifeChoices Health Network.

LifeChoices, known in their community as Choices Medical Services, serves the rural Joplin, MO area with 2 strategically placed brick-and-mortar locations as well as a mobile medical unit.

In her interview, Karolyn shares with Roland how her background as a nurse inspired her involvement in the pro-life movement and how LifeChoices serves the Joplin community.

LifeChoices’ 2020 Special Virtual Event