Daniel Thomas O’Connor – Family Man, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Scientologist

Alright, who on earth is this Dan O’Connor we’ve heard so much about?

Kansas Academy

Dan and his wife, Amanda, run the Kansas Academy together. This private school, according to IRS filings from 2021, is located at 5312 Lakewood St, Kansas City, Kansas, a residential home.

In 2021, the school brought in $75,071 in total revenue.

The school also employs a few other people, according to the KS Academy website:

Kayla Austin, Dean of Academics (engaged to Ethan Lamb)

Asia Horton, Director of Lower School (child of Treasurer, James Horton)

Somer Patterson, Student Services and Preschool Director

Ethan Lamb, Facilities Manager (engaged to Kayla Austin)

Kansas Academy Institute Ein: 83-3133321

Kansas Academy Officers

Along with Dan O’Connor, Meredith Lawson, James Horton, and Eric Martinez are listed as officers of Kansas Academy in 2021

James Horton is, quite surprisingly, a romance author married to fellow author Miranda Martin. That’s a rabbit hole for another day.

Reputation Management

If you google Dan O’Connor, it’s clear that he is employing some level of reputation management services. Across the internet, accounts have been created in his name that regurgitate the same positive information about O’Connor.

Career & Professional Life

Dan O’Connor, in addition to running his school, is a recruiter, primarily for the cement industry. He is the owner of Heavy Industry Recruiting as well as a president at Ted Nelson & Associates.

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