What is Surge365?

Scott Tomer Moved on from YTB Marketing

The leadership of Surge365 has over 85 years of experience! Unfortunately some of that experience involves lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Surge365 History

There’s something really impressive about someone who owned a now-failed MLM not being able to resist putting his face and name on the homepage of his latest venture. Scott Tomer, Founder of YTB Marketing, is one of the Co-Founders of Surge365.

In March 2012, YTB announced a plan to merge with LTS Nutraceutical, in the face of years of financial struggles. They had sold its headquarters, and in 2011 Sixth Scott LLC began purchasing YTB Travel Network from YTB International. The company was relaunched as First Alliance Travel.

By May 2012, the President and CEO Robert Van Patton had submitted his resignation. In September, the merger was off and Scott Tomer was resigning.

By March of 2013 YTB filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and was sold to Jamraval, Inc.

Surge365 has been around since at least 2015. Their vision in 2015 was to help 10,000 families become financially independent by 2020. When Surge365 started, the executive team consisted of Chris Cokley, James Tackett, Scott Tomer, and Lloyd Tomer. Lloyd is, according to Surge, “one of the greatest recruiters in the history of network marketing.”

In 2017, Surge365 launched Surge365 Global. The team now has two new additions, Oana and Razvan Petcu.

Compensation Plan

Surge365 claims to have “the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!” They call this business the opportunity of a lifetime and they aim to help you create passive income that exceeds your monthly lifestyle expenses. If that’s not an income claim, I don’t know what is.

2020 Income Disclosure Statement

The average in come for all SBAs in 2020 was $497.13. 70.35% of all SBAs earned no income in 2020. Directors, of which there were only 16 in 2020 earned an average of $40,452.

Surge365 Policies and Procedures

The Future is Here – Network Marketing with AI

Surge365 has an AI chatbot called Brain Tap that delivers the “mindset” and “experience” of their founders through an interactive text platform.

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