ABM Ministries

Piedmont Christian Boarding School

ABM Ministries is a Missouri-based licensed-exempt residential facility based in Piedmont, Missouri.

ABM Ministries is a Christian boarding school in Piedmont, Missouri for boys ages 10 and up. They are on 250 acres and have a 25,000 sq ft main campus. 

School goes year round and have a student to teacher ratio of twelve to one. They operate on a rolling enrollment schedule, so students may start at any time.

ABM uses the ACE Curriculum, or Accelerated Christian Education.

Extracurricular Activities

Students at ABM enjoy indoor and outdoor recreation including video games, board games, swimming, and seasonal activities. Students also take on work projects, allowing students to develop a sense of ownership and gratification in a job well done. Work projects can include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, property maintenance, and live stock supervision.

ABM also encourages physical activity for all students, including weight training for those of proper physical shape. Physical sports allow struggling teens to learn team and social skills, maintain a healthy weight, and build self confidence. 

Students also have the opportunity to learn about animal stewardship, management skills, and compassion for animals. 

Tuition Cost

ABM is committed to maintaining the lowest possible cost and charge a $2,500 monthly tuition fee. There is also a one time enrollment fee of $3,000 dollars that cover the cost of a student’s application fee, school uniforms, academic supplies, and scholastic assessment. 

Parent Resources

The Parent Resources tab on the ABM Ministries website offers a lot more in depth information about the program. 

ABM Ministries Program Rules

  • Wake up and be on time for breakfast
  • Attend school each day as scheduled, and complete daily goals
  • Participate in all chores and activities each day
  • No cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol, or drugs
  • No swearing or disrespectful words
  • No se cual contact will be allowed in any form
  • No physical violence, i.e., hitting, kicking, pushing, throwing object, destroying property, etc….
  • Attend all church services
  • Students may not leave ABM property, unless accompanied by a staff member
  • Quiet time is from 10pm Until 8am

Parent’s Manual

Transport Agencies

ABM Ministries links to two transport agencies on their website, BL&A and USAguides. They are also affiliated with Safe Sound Secure Ministries, although it is not listed or linked to on their website. 

Recommended Reading & Study Materials

ABM Ministries recommends the following books:

The Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible by James Strong, LL.D., S.T.D.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

It{s Not My Fault by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Josh Mcdowell’s Handbook on Counseling Youth

Your Kids At Risk by Meg Meeker, M.D. 

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The Hole in our Gospel

The Thomas Study Bible

Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Jevin Leman

The Self-Confrontation Manual

Self-Confrontation Bible Study Student Workbook

Personnel Policies

Basic ABM Ministries Information

ABM Ministries, Inc. is a Nonprofit Corporation registered in the State of Tennessee. It is registered in Missouri as a Foreign Non Profit. It was first registered in Missouri on March 27th, 2006 when an Application for a Certificate of Authority of a Foreign Non Profit Corporation (Form 55A) was filed. 

All SOS Annual Reports are available to download at the bottom of this page.

ABM, Ministries, Inc was first incorporated in Tennessee on February, 20, 2004. 

In November, 2004 Larry and Carmen Musgrave also incorporated ABM Ministries, Inc in Kentucky and used the name Allen County Christian School. Larry Musgrave was the registered agent and was at the address 6229 New Glasgow Road, Scottsville KY 42164. By the end of 2005, their certificate of authority was revoked for failing to file their annual report. 

Upon incorporation in Missouri in 2006, the president was listed as Larry Musgrave. Larry J. Ruffaner was the Vice President. Janie D. Ruffaner was Secretary. Carmen Musgrave was Treasurer. Larry Musgrave was a Director. The principal Place of Business was registered at RR 1 Box 72, Patterson, Missouri.

In 2007, ABM Filed their Annual Registration Report. At this time, Larry and Janie Raffener were no longer in their positions. Carmen Musgrave became the Secretary. Craig Smith Jr, Reed Goodman, and Glen Starner were now all listed as Directors. Unless otherwise noted, all directors use the same address on these forms. 

In 2008, ABM Ministries moved their registered address to RR 3 Box 34725, Piedmont, Missouri. Larry and Carmen remained in their previous positions as President and Secretary. Glen Starner is no longer listed as a director. All members of the board of directors are now using the new RR 3 Box 34725 as their address.

In 2009, Craig Smith Jr is no longer on the board of directors for ABM Ministries. The Board now only consists of Reed Goodman, Carmen Musgrave, and Larry Musgrave.

In 2010, ABM Ministries was administratively dissolved by the state of Missouri for failure to file a current and current annual report. They applied for Reinstatement in July of 2011 and submitted their Registration Reports. 

In 2013, things seemed a bit more back on track for ABM Ministries, they filed only a couple months late and the board of directors remained consistent. 

In 2014, ABM Ministries, Inc became inactive and was dissolved in the state of Tennessee. They have not become active again in the state of Tennessee since. 

In 2015, Beth Goodman came on to the Board of Directors. 

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In 2016, normalcy was maintained, but Missouri did begin only requiring Biennial Registration Reports, so the next report is not filed until 2018. 

In 2018, Carmen Musgrave was no longer on the board of Directors and was replaced as Secretary by Reed Goodman. 

In 2019, ABM Ministries filed an Annual Registration Report that maintained the same board of directors. After 2019, there are no further Registration Reports, Biannual or otherwise until three Annual Registration Reports are filed on May 23rd, 2022. 

In 2020, the registered address changed to 299 Wayne 459, Piedmont, Missouri. Beth Goodman was no longer on the Board and Julio Sanoval was added. Julio Sandoval owns Safe Sound Secure Ministries. 

This would make up the current state of the board with Larry Musgrave serving as President, Reed Goodman serving as Secretary, and Julio Sandoval as a Member of the Board of Directors. 

As of 2022, Julio Sandoval is listed as a director of ABM Ministries with the state of Missouri and has failed to submit a Fire or Health Inspection.

Wayback Machine Findings

ABM Ministries was first captured on the wayback machine in May of 2017. I believe that reviewing previous iterations of an organization’s websites can give valuable insight into their history and previous policies. 

In 2008, Lighthouse Academy used curriculum from four sources, Accelerated Christian Education’s School of Tomorrow, BCF (Biblical Counseling Foundation), LFBC (Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum), and BEKA Curriculum. 

The Program Rules in 2008 contained a few differences. Students were required to journal each day and write a letter to parents or guardian each week. Quiet Time was 12 hours, from 8pm to 8am. All letters, incoming and outgoing, would be screened. Finally Staff must be addressed with Yes Sir, Yes Ma’am, or No Sir and No Ma’am. 

In their Guidelines for Discipline, ABM Ministries outlines that they do not sure the following forms of punishment: 

  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Assignment of excessive or inappropriate work
  • Denial of meals, daily needs, and program provided by the individual’s plans.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • One child punishing another.
  • Chemical or mechanical restraints.
  • Denial of planned visits, telephone calls, or mail contacts with family.
  • Corporal punishment. 

On this page, Lighthouse Academy is referred to as ABM family Preparatory. 

Church Bylaws

In a 2009 copy of the Church Bylaws, ABM Ministries, Inc is Doing Business As ChristCommunityChurch. This name is maintained through the 2022 version of the Bylaws. It’s unclear to me currently why they type the name in their Bylaws with no spaces between the words.  

Staff Spotlight

Dessa, daughter of Reed Goodman was the editor of the LCA school newspaper. 

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Mr. Dustin is a former student of ABM and in 2010 added content to the school website.

Reed Goodman, in 2010, was not only on the board of directors at ABM, but also served as the soccer coach. He also trained students in weightlifting.

Larry Musgrave is the President but also senior Pastor. 

Carmen Musgrave, in 2010, cooked, cleaned, and did laundry for the students.

Teachers included Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Keown, and Mrs. Walenda. 

2008 Organizational Chart for ABM Ministries

ABM Family Preparatory

ABM Ministries was for a time called ABM Family Preparatory in Westmoreland, TN at 107 w Angela on

2002 Staff of ABM Family Prep

  • Larry Musgrave – Administrative Director
  • Carmen Musgrave – Office
  • Martha Cropper – Case Worker
  • Ron Hopper – House Parent
  • Lindsay Hopper – House Parent
  • Carie White – Staff Nurse
  • John Graves – Teacher Aide / Activities Assistant
  • David Lo – Self Awareness Instructor / Equestrian Trainer
  • David Shockley – Intake / Activities

2002 Board of Directors:

  • Ernest Fentress – Chairman of Board
  • Barbara Strong – Secretary 
  • Leroy Crouch

2003 Staff 

  • Larry Musgrave – Administrative Director
  • Carmen Musgrave – Office
  • Martha Cropper – Case Worker
  • Carie White – Staff Nurse
  • Haley Clark – Teacher Aide / Activities Assistant
  • John Graves – Teacher Aide / Activities Assistant
  • David Lo – Self Awareness Instructor / Equestrian Trainer
  • Lee Fentress – Webmaster

2003 Advisory Board 

  • Terry Bear – Chairman
  • Barbara Strong – Secretary
  • Leroy Crouch – Advisor
  • James Williams – Advisor

2005 Staff

  • Larry Musgrave – Administrative Director
  • Carmen Musgrave – Office
  • Martha Cropper – School Counselor
  • Carie White – Staff Nurse
  • Jason White – Accountant
  • Josh Woodall – Teacher
  • Terry Girts – Teacher
  • Joyce Girts – Teacher
  • Melinda Zweifel – Female Operations Assistant
  • Deborah Raines – Resident Advisor / Male Students
  • Ruth Clark – Male / Female Operations Assistant
  • David Lo – Self Awareness Instructor / Equestrian Trainer
  • Lee Fentress – Webmaster

2005 Advisory Board 

  • Bro. Terry Bear – Chairman
  • Pastor Carl Frensley – Advisor
  • Jim & Mary Crabtree – Advisor
  • James Williams – Advisor

By 2006, ABM Family Prep had become ABM Ministries and removed their staff list from their website. 

Pastor Carl Frensley

Carl Frensley, former advisor of ABM Family Prep founded Bible Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. In 2015, Bible Baptist Church would call Dr. Greg Mutsch as pastor. Dr Mutsch previously served as the Executive Director of Business Administration at Accelerated Christian Education, a curriculum used by ABM Ministries.

Glen Starner – Former Director of ABM Ministries

Glen Starner owns Starner Camping & Stables, LLC in Patterson, Missouri. 


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